4 Tips for Getting your Car Trade-in Ready

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car-tradeWhat is a Trade-in?

When you trade-in your vehicle, you are basically selling your used car to the dealer for credit toward the purchase of another vehicle. Trading in your current vehicle helps to save you money when it comes to the amount you finance. Perhaps, you aren’t financing with a down payment and you need that extra leverage to minimize the amount you need loaned. Now, getting the most out of your trade-in is important when purchasing a new vehicle. Here are a few tips for getting your car Trade-in ready…

1. Organize Your Records

If you’ve kept track of your maintenance records during the ownership of your vehicle, awesome! This would include any and all fluid changes, tire rotations, paint or body repairs, engine repairs, and service and any other related maintenance documents you may have. Having your maintenance records together is important because it shows the dealer the care the vehicle received during the time you owned it.

2. Repair Your Car

When it comes to repairs, be sure to assess whether or not the repairs will help increase the value of your vehicle at resale time. Also, make sure that you can recoup the cost of repairs with the final sale price of the vehicle.  For any safety and emissions requirements, have a certified mechanic inspect the vehicle to make sure it meets or exceeds state requirements. If you’ve recently had your vehicle inspected then great! It’s not necessary. If any mechanical repairs are required to have your vehicle operate properly, have it fixed before you plan to trade it in.

3. Get a Value

Do your research and prepare yourself by having a figure in mind for your trade-in value. You can easily access trade-in values by using sources such as NADAguides.comUsedCardInformationCenter with basic details such as your make, model, year and mileage information.

4. Detail Your Car

Last but not least, detail your car! Detailing your car can have it looking like the day it was purchased. Think clean. Your dealer may potentially pay more for a trade-in vehicle that looks good, smells good and is clean on the outside and inside. More importantly, the dealer will see you have kept your car in great condition which contributes to a successful used car sale.

If you’re buying a new Honda in Austin, Texas there’s never been a better time to trade in your vehicle.

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