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sell your used car in austin with a video | howdy honda blog

Take a video of your car with your camera.

Looking to sell your used car in Austin? Well, if you really want to move it in a hurry, making a video might be one of the quickest way to go. By creating a video about your car, you are providing potential buyers with very much the same experience that car dealers provide. But before you go out and slap something on YouTube, here’s some advice from our guys at the Used Car Department (they make videos for cars all the time):

1. Position your car in a spot where you won’t be bothered with noise when you shoot your video.

2. Go over what you want to say – practice makes perfect!

3. Start at the front left of the vehicle and work around clockwise.

4. Tell the potential buyers the basic information on the vehicle (year, make, model, miles, etc) but don’t go overboard on the car’s attributes.

5. Keep it short! Viewers aren’t going to watch more than 2 minutes of footage.

6. Shoot several different videos and upload the best after reviewing.

7. Stay away from talking about price since that could change.

Once you’ve done all this, throw the video on YouTube and include the video link on your posting (whether you’re doing Craigslist, etc.). Also, post it on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin – you never know when someone you know has a friend who’s looking for a used car. Now, wait for the calls and emails!

One quick YouTube trick: use the same basic information about the car (year, make, model, etc) and your location (Austin,Central Texas) on the title and description of the video. This will make it easier for potential buyers to find your video. And remember to include your contact information.

Good luck!

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