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Howdy Honda Priority Spotlight: Automatic vs Manual Transmission?

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012
Howdy Honda Priority Spotlight: Automatic vs Manual Transmission?

Howdy Honda Priority Spotlight: Automatic vs Manual Transmission?

You probably already decided which type of transmission you are going to have on your next car. However, the decision should really depend on what type of driving you usually do. For city driving an automatic transmission is usually recommended, but for driving in rougher terrain (steep curves, mountains, mud, etc) a manual transmission is your best choice. Why is this? What is really the difference between the two?  




An automatic transmission offers drivers an easy way to drive a vehicle as the vehicle does all the shifting automatically. This allows for drivers to put more attention on the road itself and allows drivers to survey the elements surrounding them on a more frequent basis. Vehicles outfitted with automatic transmissions also are much easier to drive in large cities due to the frequent stop-and-go traffic, which can give owners of a vehicle with a manual transmission a headache.




Manual transmissions may be known as ‘harder’ to drive, but they offer a wide variety of benefits to drivers as well. The most popular reason why drivers select a vehicle with a manual transmission is efficiency, as manual transmissions offer more efficient fuel economy. Another big advantage of a manual transmission is that vehicles with a manual transmission are often-times cheaper than vehicles with an automatic transmission. Lastly, those who prefer a manual transmission like the added ‘control’ that it gives them behind the wheel as they (drivers) are the ones shifting the vehicle from one gear to the next.


Although each transmission offer a pros and cons, the final decision  should come down to the type of driving you engage in and what  you need your car to do for you (be fuel efficient, performance, etc). Honda has a quite a few models that come with a manual transmission: Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Honda Fit, and the Honda CR-Z. They are definitely worth a look as the y have top safety, reliability and resale value ratings. Give us a call at 512-443-4300 to schedule a test drive.

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