What is a transmission service and why does my car need one?

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Transmission Service: what does it entail and why is it necessary? 2018 Honda Accord Hybrid exterior black side

So let’s start with the easy stuff; what is a transmission service? A transmission service is simply the removal of the transmission fluid via a drain plug and then adding new transmission fluid. This process gives the transmission a sort of “cleanse” that helps reduce the strain on the components within the transmission and prolong its life.

Why does your car need a transmission service? A transmission service is essential due to the fact that by removing the old transmission fluid, any buildup that has occurred in the transmission will be removed also. The old residue inside of your transmission can potentially contaminate your fluid over time and put unnecessary stress on the transmission, thus increasing your chances of having to replace the transmission all together.

Recap: A simple transmission service not only will make your transmission run better, but will also prolong the life of the transmission. In other words, you will be saving serious money by maintaining the transmission as transmission repair/replacement averages as one of the highest costs related to automobiles.

If you’re unsure of when the right time to do a transmission service is, check out your vehicle’s owners’ manual, Honda maintenance schedule, or contact one of the service advisors at our Honda Service Center. The service advisors and certified technicians here at Howdy Honda know pretty much everything about your Honda and they’ll be able to quickly determine when a transmission service is due on your car.

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