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Windshield Auto Glass Repair at Howdy Honda Service Center in Austin TX

Windshield chip repair is the safest way to prevent the chip on the windshield of your Honda from growing into a major crack and shattering the glass while driving. A small rock chip on your windshield glass can not only hinder your vision, but also weaken the glass tremendously. Many of us tend to think immediately that the only way to fix this issue is by replacing the windshield glass completely. While this is an option there are many disadvantages to glass replacement versus glass repair.

  • • Glass replacement is a lot more expensive than glass repair, and it’s been proven that over 90% of windshield rock chips are repairable.
  • • In addition, one very common problem with auto glass replacement is water leaks because it messes with the original factory settings of the auto glass. When you repair the rock chip on your windshield, the water leak problem is avoided completely.
  • • Windshields are not recyclable so they add waste to the planet.


Howdy Honda Windshield Repair

At Howdy Honda Service Center in Austin, we employ a windshield repair specialist that can repair the windshield chip on your glass. The windshield chip repair technology that we utilize allows us to contain the chip to prevent it from developing into a major crack and eventually shattering the glass, and also gets rid of the vision hindrance rock chips produce.
Don’t wait any longer if you have a windshield that needs repair, schedule a service appointment online or give us a call at 512-443-4300.

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