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What accessories are available for the Honda Accord?

Friday, October 28th, 2016
2017 Accord in White

Honda Accord Aftermarket Accessories

Accessories help add quality, durability, and style to your Honda model. Here at Howdy Honda, we offer trunk trays, window tint, wheel locks and splash guards with most of our models at an all inclusive rate. To showcase some of our most popular accessories, we’ve put together information about some Honda Accord aftermarket accessories. Most of these accessories are offered on all Honda models, so if you own a different Honda, you can still get these accessories custom-fitted for your specific model. Contact Howdy Honda for details!


The 2015 Honda Fit : SEMA Show Stopper

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014
Austin TX Honda dealer
Tjin Edition Honda Fit

Tjin Edition Honda Fit


Named the “Hottest Sport Compact” at this year’s SEMA Show, the 2015 Honda Fit arrived in STYLE with 9 customs to display! Six of which were part of Honda’s Fit Performance Project. Honda officially launched Project Fit  back in August and provided performance shops with a 2015 Fit to customize, for a planned unveiling at this year’s SEMA show. The progression of the vehicle projects was documented on Honda’s official Tumblr page The performance shops featured for Project Fit included Bisimoto Engineering, Kontrabrands, MAD Industries, Spoon Sports USA, Tjin Edition and the award-winning Kenny Vinces.

The Honda booth at the SEMA Show was highlighted by the Fit customized by Tjin Edition, who was voted as the Fan Favorite in the 2015 Fit Performance Project. The fan favorite was determined by which project vehicle received the most buzz on social media. The progress of each car was documented virtually with interactive photos, videos and animated GIFs, adding a unique touch to the ambitious project!

Three additional personalized 2015 Honda Fit vehicles on display included a Fit B-spec race car prepped for competition by Honda Performance Development (HPD), Honda’s North American racing company; a Fit loaded with available dealer-installed Honda Genuine Accessories; and an additional Fit personalized by prominent tuner, Bisimoto, on behalf of Norm Reeves Honda in response to fan feedback prompted through the 2015 Fit Performance Project.

“The 2015 Fit is a worthy addition to Honda’s strong heritage of developing tuned sport compact vehicles, and it wears the mantle of “Hottest Sport Compact” well,” said Jeff Conrad, SVP & General Manager of Honda Division, American Honda Motor Co, Inc. “Fun to drive, versatile and a great value, the new Fit does so many things right, and it’s great to see it becoming a popular platform for owner personalization.”


Bisomoto Project Fit

Bisomoto Project Fit


Kenny Vinces Project Fit

Kenny Vinces Project Fit


MAD Industries Project Fit

MAD Industries Project Fit


Spoon Sports USA Project Fit

Spoon Sports USA Project Fit


Bisomoto Project Fit

Bisomoto Project Fit


Kontrabrands Project Fit

Kontrabrands Project Fit


HPD Fit B-spec race car

HPD Fit B-spec race car


Fit loaded with Honda Genuine Accessories

Fit loaded with Honda Genuine Accessories

Howdy Honda has over 60 Honda Fits available! Contact us for a test drive and details on Honda accessories!

Why wheel locks are important: A safety lesson from a dealership in Georgetown TX

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

Honda-Wheel-Locks-Austin-TXAs you might have heard over the weekend, 192 wheels and tires were stolen from 48 new cars at a Georgetown TX dealer. The theft is valued at a loss of $100,000 for the dealership and police have no information on potential suspects. You can read the news articles here and here.

Why would a group of people (we’re assuming it’s a group of people because the theft was too big for one person to do alone) steal the wheels and tires from 48 new cars? Well, we know there’s a big market for “cheap” wheels and the price of tires has risen dramatically with the increase of petroleum price. But the more important question is HOW did these people achieve this? And, if they were able to do this to 48 cars in a few hours without anyone noticing, how vulnerable am I that this could happen to me?

Although there’s no app for that, there is a solution: wheel locks. Wheel locks protect your wheels and tires from getting stolen. As you know, wheels don’t have alarm systems and they can’t be tracked – once they’re gone, there’s no way of recovering them. Wheel locks prevent this from happening by locking your wheels and tires in place and serving as a security sign (like security system signs on front yards). It also protects you from having to spend $600 on a new set of tires.

At Howdy Honda, we put wheel locks on every vehicle – we want to protect you from having to spend a significant amount of money on new tires and protect ourselves from being in a situation like the dealer in Georgetown. So while wheel locks might seem like added “stuff;” there is a real, useful and smart reason why we do it: safety. It’s much better to spend a little bit extra now, than have to unnecessarily spend 5x, 6x, 7x more on a new set of tires later.

And just like any other Honda accessory, the factory wheel locks are made with a superior quality alloy (which is better than what you’ll find in Pep Boys or any other automotive shop) and they are covered for 3-years/36k miles.

Honda factory wheel locks cost about $60 here at Howdy and you can stop by the dealership to buy them or order Honda parts online.

New Retrofit Kit can turn any car into a hybrid

Monday, August 13th, 2012
Hybrid Retrofit system

MTSU students have developed a way for every car to become a hybrid.

Hybrid vehicles are all the rage these days. While the hybrid system is generally available  on newer cars, students from the Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) have developed a way for nearly every car to be converted into a hybrid. The Plug-In Hybrid Retrofit Kit is estimated to cost approximately $3,000 if it were to be sold.

University Professor Charles Perry recently fitted the school’s technology to a 1995 Honda station wagon and showed off how the process works. Basically, an electric motor is added to the rear wheel of the car and linked to a battery system in the rear of the vehicle. The battery augments the actual engine drive system of the car to help the vehicle become much more efficient – improving fuel mileage 50-100%.

The system is designed for those that drive primarily in the city, as it does not provide the advantages at a high rate of speed. In city driving, though, the system can assist the vehicle greatly and provide outstanding fuel mileage. A big part of the system’s success is being fitted in unused space on the vehicle without interfering with the braking process.

For us, the hybrid process at MTSU shows the innovations that can be achieved in the vehicle industry, even by students. We’re not sure if the process will ever reach the mainstream, but we have some used Honda cars that we’d be interested to see it on.

Watch how the Plug-In Hybrid Retrofit Kit works:


Honda Reveals New In-Car System: HondaLink

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Yesterday, Honda finally revealed details about the long-awaited infotainment system: HondaLink.  

HondaLink | Central Texas Honda Dealer

What is HondaLink?

HondaLink is the brand new in-vehicle connectivity system developed by Honda, set to debut on the all-new 2013 Honda Accord.

How will it work?

Honda has partnered with Harman to utilize the Aha app to stream content into the HondaLink system. With this technology, HondaLink will connect you to cloud-based news, music, information and entertainment feeds using an audio-based interface to deliver the content. The audio will be streamed to the vehicle through USB (iOS) or Bluetooth connection (Android).

What can you expect?

A completely personalized experience. HondaLink lets you personalize content channels based on the music, news and social feeds that you use on your daily life.  This means that the platform will give you access to a myriad of podcasts, Facebook/Twitter feeds (that will be read to you), music through Slacker, and listings from Yelp. While in your car you will be able to select the digital content through voice recognition, steering-wheel mounted controls, and in-dash audio system controls.

Why is it better than other infotainment systems in the market?

By using Aha for HondaLink, you will get a platform that updates regularly and is not tied to an aging automotive architecture. Many connected systems in other vehicle makes are embedded into the operating system in the car, which limits the upgrades the system will go through for future versions.  Operating as a connectivity app, HondaLink not only offers the same services and an intuitive experience, but it also lets you preset your favorite digital content on your phone before you even step foot inside the vehicle.  

“Honda’s strategy is about leveraging the cloud to bring a wealth of new information and services to Honda owners,” said Charles Koch, American Honda manager of new business development. “This is the next evolution of the connected car and the connected customer.”

Check out Honda’s new HondaLink video below.


The 4 Accessories You Will Want On Your 2012 Honda CR-V

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

So you got a brand new 2012 Honda CR-V and are loving it. Now it’s time to make it even better with these 4 CR-V accessories:

Back-up Sensors

With the Back-Up Sensors, you’ll soon be zipping in and out of parking spots you may have previously passed up as too small. The four sensors emit audible beeps into the cabin while you back up, signaling objects as you approach them. Those beeps quicken as your vehicle gets closer to objects.

Back up SENSOR 2012 Honda CRV Accessories

Back-up Sensors

Auto Day/Night Mirror

The Auto Day/Night Mirror reduces the glare of bright headlights from the cars behind you. It automatically adjusts for all light conditions, and perfectly replaces the standard mirror.

AUTO-DAY-NIGHT-MIRROR 2012 Honda CRV Accessories

Auto Day/Night Mirror

Roof Rails

The Roof Rails, along with the Cross Bars can securely haul items on top of your CR-V depending on your choice of roof attachment. Extruded aluminum and capron resin means long-lasting, sturdy construction.

ROOF-RAILS_2012_Honda_CRV Accessories

Roof Rails

Cross Bars

The Cross Bars are designed to fit with the roof rails (above) and made to accommodate the Honda roof rail attachments for versatile use. And when you are living in Austin, there’s no shortage of items you can carry on the roof (bike, kayaks, etc.).

CROSS-BARS_2012 Honda CRV Accessories

Cross Bars

*See Howdy Honda for pricing.

6 Things You Must Have In Your Car This Summer

Monday, June 25th, 2012

6 things you must have in your car for summer | howdy honda blog | central texasWith summer in full swing, you have to be prepared for everything that the season may bring. And while many people prepare well for it, getting the car prepped is something that is often forgotten. Traveling (down the street or long distances) is an essential part of summer, so it’s a good idea to be well prepared for the anything that could pop up. For that reason we’ve compiled a list of important things to pack in your car when the summer sun is shining.

  1. Maintenance kit: Breakdowns don’t just happen in the winter months, so it’s important to be prepared. This includes having items like fix-a-flat, coolant and protectant wipes.
  2. Sunscreen and bug spray: The sun’s UVA rays go through window glass and affect your skin if you don’t have any protection. A bottle of sunscreen doesn’t take up much space, but it can be a lifesaver, just like bug spray. Mosquitos and insects love warm weather so make sure to be prepared because nothing ruins an outing like a swarm of bugs.
  3. First-aid kit: When traveling with kids, this one can come in handy in many instances. This item also doesn’t take up space but could be huge.
  4. Towels: Water adventure is synonym with summer life. Whether it’s the pool, spray park, beach, or natural stream, you can never have enough towels. Pack a few extra just in case.
  5. Umbrella: Packing an umbrella has a two-fold benefit – shelter from rain (obviously), but also from the sun.
  6. Cash stash: With so many options in the summer, it’s a good idea to have some cash handy for those extra stops.

So there it is; if you have other ideas of summer must-have items let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

5 ways you can make your car the most comfortable place to be after your house

Friday, June 8th, 2012
How to make your car more comfortable

A neck pillow can help on long drives.

For most of us the car is like a second home. Between long trips and the daily commute, the average American can spend over 500 hours a year inside a car, which amount to 21 days. So when we’re spending almost one month a year in our cars, you better make sure that your ride is as comfortable as it can be. Here is a list of things that can make your car feel like you are at home:

1. Neck pillow – This can relieve the neck strain that comes from sitting in an office chair all day, or just driving for long periods of time. And if you have to pull off to a rest stop, this will help you get some actual sleep in your car.

2. Don’t forget comfortable shoes!

3. iPod adapter – If you’re going to spend some quality time in your car, then you should have the accessories that you need as well. Any car adaptor to keep your electronics alive is well worth the price, as you can pass the time much easier.

4. Lavender air freshener – I say lavender because it’s a soothing sent that can help calm you down after work (and it’s not like those tree air fresheners that gas stations sell). It’s also a subtle way to make your car feel homier.

5. Car organizer – An organizer that you can strap onto the back of your seat will definitely come in handy and make it easy for you to store and find any important item.

How to make your car more comfortable

Keep everything in its place with a car organizer.

Now you just need a new car to implement these things – like a new or certified used Honda from Howdy Honda!

Father's Day gift ideas your dad doesn't know he'll love

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

If you’re like me, you just realized that Father’s Day is only a few days away (Sunday, June 17th to be exact). And if that’s the case, I can safely assume that, like me, you haven’t picked up the perfect gift for dad just yet. However, don’t worry because we have compiled a list of Father’s Day gift ideas so your dad can drive the most decked out Honda in Austin TX.

1. Buddy Desk

Maybe your dad is the serious career type and has to sometimes do work from his car. This awesome car desk hooks up to the steering wheel and instantly becomes a work station.

Father's Day gift ideas your dad doesn't know he'll love

2. GPS system

If your dad’s Honda doesn’t have navigation, this is a perfect gift.

Father's Day gift ideas your dad doesn't know he'll love

3. Car microwave

Yes, they exist. And your dad might really appreciate it! This one works via the car lighter so no batteries required. It doesn’t get very hot – which is good for a car – but it gets heats enough to warm up a snack.

Father's Day gift ideas your dad doesn't know he'll love

4. Vintage cufflinks

Is your dad really into vintage cars? This is a great gift for those dads that reminisce the old car era.  

Father's Day gift ideas your dad doesn't know he'll love

Whether you get a gift or not, just remember to spend some time with your dad and tell him “I love you.”

Gift ideas for the car-loving women in your life

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Mother’s Day gifts can be tough ones to come by, especially if you’re a professional procrastinator. Odds are you probably don’t have enough spare cash lying around to buy that special woman in your life a new Honda, but why not get her something that will add chracter to her current Honda? Here are some ideas:

Car eyelashes

Car Lashes | Car Accessories | Howdy Honda Blog

Leopard print floor mats

leopard print floor mats | car accessories | howdy honda blog

In-car seat organizer

car organizer | car accessories | howdy honda blog

Zebra license plate frame

zebra license plate frame | car accessories | howdy honda blog

What are you getting your mom for Mother’s Day?