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Honda oil change in Austin, TX

Ask any of the highly experienced and highly trained service technicians at the Howdy Honda Service Department about the best way to keep your new or pre-owned Honda vehicle running in top condition for as long as possible and they will answer with, “factory scheduled maintenance.” Coming to Howdy Honda for a regularly scheduled Honda oil change in Austin, TX will go so far in keeping your vehicle running smoothly that you’ll wonder why you ever put it off.

The gold standard for scheduling a Honda oil change in Austin, TX of every 3,000 miles is a good rule of thumb; but it isn’t set in stone anymore. Clichés aside, because of the improvements in petrochemical engineering and advancements in the materials and techniques in manufacturing automobile engines, the interval between oil changes has significantly increased. You should always consult with your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the proper service interval.

What happens if I neglect to get a Honda oil change in Austin, TX?

The quick and dirty answer is nothing good. As oil circulates through the engine of your vehicle it will start to pick up contaminants. To a certain point this is normal and is one of the functions that motor oil performs. Those contaminants and bits of particulate matter are screened out of the oil at the end of the cycle by the oil filter. Naturally, as time goes by and miles start to accumulate, that filter will start to get old and worn and clogged with all of the bad things that are trapped inside. If the oil filter isn’t changed and you keep putting off a Honda oil change in Austin, TX, that contaminated fluid will start to bypass the filter entirely and can lead to severe engine damage.

Motor oil also acts as a lubricant to keep the metal parts of the engine from directly contacting one another and also serves as a means to help dissipate heat. As the oil in your engine starts to age, it breaks down and is less and less effective and performing its true functions.

Honda oil changes in Austin, TX at Howdy Honda

Howdy Honda is one of the premier Honda service centers in Austin, TX. We strive for a level of personal service that can only be found at a place with best and most highly-trained service departments in the area. Whether you are first time customer or have come to us for every oil change and filter replacement during the 100,000 miles you have been driving that Honda Civic we are here to serve you quickly and with the utmost integrity.

In addition to performing Honda oil changes in Austin, TX we also are factory-trained in the latest best practices to be able to help you with front-end alignments, tire rotations, brake maintenance and replacement, transmission flushes and muffler/exhaust repairs. There is no problem too big or too small for us to handle. Also, don’t forget to use our online appointment generator if you need to bring your Honda car, truck or SUV in for service.