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Tire Rotation and Balance Services Austin TX

Your vehicle’s tires are the most important aspect of keeping you safe on the road. Unfortunately, tires are often the most overlooked aspect of car maintenance. Tires need to be regularly rotated, balanced, and aligned to perform well on the roadways. Additionally, always remember to keep an eye on your tire’s air pressure and add air as needed. Healthy, well-inflated tires offer better performance and higher gas mileage. Allow Howdy Honda to help keep your tires in their best shape with our Tire Rotation and Balance Services in Austin TX.

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Tire Rotation

Regular tire rotation, about every 3,000 to 6,000 miles, helps your tires last longer and perform stronger. Rotating your tires means moving them from one side of the vehicle to the other, moving them front to back, or a combination of both. The act of rotating helps avoid uneven tire wear, which can lead to decreased performance and poor gas mileage. Tire wear varies depending on their position on the vehicle, your driving style, and the condition of your suspension.

Tire Balance

Day-to-day tire treadwear causes changes in the weight distribution around the tire and wheel assembly. Routinely balancing your tires helps avoid uneven wear, vibration, and potentially unsafe driving conditions.  Getting your wheels balanced regularly can result in a smoother ride, reduced tire wear, and enhanced drive-train components. The general recommendation for tire balance services is about every 3,000 to 6,000 miles.

Honda Services Austin TX

Our skilled service team operates under the high standards that is the Howdy Honda way. Through each step of the repair process, our technicians will make sure that you understand what is wrong with your vehicle and exactly what we are doing to fix it. Our service shop can handle the majority of maintenance repairs, and our knowledgeable staff can service just about every major make and model. Our specialty is Honda, but we are happy to serve non-Honda owners, as well. We keep a supply of genuine licensed Honda parts at our service center to ensure speedy repair for Honda vehicles. 

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