How to retrieve unlock codes for your Honda radio and navigation system


Honda radio code

If you need your Honda’s radio or navigation code to unlock and set it back up (usually because the battery has been disconnected or died), there is a simple way of doing so without having to visit your favorite Honda Service Center.

In order to get the code you will need your Honda’s:

  • -VIN number
  • -Zip code used when you purchased your vehicle
  • -Phone number used when you purchased your vehicle
  • -Serial number of the device you want to unlock.


Once you have all that information on hand, visit during working hours and input the data in the “Get Codes” tab. The website’s working hours are: Monday through Friday 6am to 11pm (CDT), Saturdays 6am to 8:30pm (CDT), and Sundays 6am to 11pm (CDT).