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Welcome to our Employment Opportunities page! If you're looking for an opportunity to be appreciated and involved in your career, your search is complete. We have a great history of providing excellent career opportunities for sharp, energetic people.

We have the following positions open:

Automotive Detailer

Automotive Technicians

Express Service Technician


New Car Salesperson

We offer an excellent benefit package, and a great working environment. If you want to set yourself apart from the ordinary routine of the average job, while earning an above average salary, simply complete the form below and click "submit". Your information will be automatically forwarded to our Operations Director for review. Thanks for considering us in your employment endeavors!

In order for HOWDY HONDA to be able to accept and process your application the following directions must be followed:
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• Record of previous employment must be filled out completely – (please see resume) is not acceptable
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Revised January 21, 2013

Adnoh, Inc., dba Howdy Honda is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, religion or religious activities, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or preference, place of origin, ethnic origin or ancestry, citizenship or nationality, veteran status, genetic information, age, height, weight, marital status, family status, medical condition, or physical or mental disability, political belief, association or activity, criminal or summary conviction not related to employment or intended employment, or any other basis of discrimination prohibited by law.

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Please detail your entire work history. Begin with your current or most recent employer. If you held multiple positions with the same organization, detail each position separately. Attach additional sheets if necessary. Omission or prior employment may be considered falsification of information. Please explain any gaps in employment. Include full-time military or volunteer commitments. Please do not complete this information with the notation "See Resume." Please Note: Adnoh Inc., dba Howdy Honda reserves the right to contact all current and former employers for reference information, unless noted otherwise under employment questions.

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By submitting this form you will be submitting an application for employment at Howdy Honda. Thank you for completing this application form and for your interest in our business.

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In connection with my application for employment at Adnoh Inc., dba Howdy Honda, hereby authorize Adnoh Inc., dba Howdy Honda and ScreeningOne, Inc. to perform a pre-employment background screening check (including future screenings for retention, reassignment or promotion, if applicable, and unless revoked by Applicant in writing. I understand and agree to the following:

1. A background check is not only for the benefit of the Company as a sound business practice, but also for the benefit of all employees. It is no reflection on an applicant. I have read, understand and signed the separate Disclosure concerning my rights.

2. All reports are confidential, and provided to the Company for employment decisions only. Consumer credit information including credit reports are obtained in strict compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), anti-discrimination and privacy laws and all other applicable federal and state laws.

3. I may review or obtain a copy of my report as provided by law. ScreeningOne may be contacted by writing to: ScreeningOne, Inc., 2233 W. 190th Street, Torrance, CA 90504.

4. I authorize and release people, companies, references, current and former employers, schools, credit bureaus, municipal, county, state and federal agencies and courts, and agencies that provide motor vehicle records, to provide all information that is requested to Company or ScreeningOne.

5. I further release all of the above, including Company and ScreeningOne, to the full extent permitted by law, from any liability or claims arising from retrieving and reporting information concerning me.

6. I agree that a copy or fax of this document shall be as valid as the original.

Please provide all addresses where you have lived for the past seven years including zip code

For the benefit of the Company and employees, Howdy Honda has a policy of performing pre-employment background screening on job applicants as a condition of employment. This policy is a business practice that protects everyone by helping to promote a safe and profitable workplace. All pre-employment inquiries are limited to information that affects job performance and the workplace. It is conducted in accordance with applicable federal and state laws, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The screening will be conducted by ScreeningOne, Inc., an outside agency. The Company may obtain a consumer credit report and/or an investigative consumer report on you as an applicant or during the course of employment.

1. The report consists of information deemed to have a bearing on job performance, and may include information from public and private sources, public records, former employers and references. The scope of the report may include information concerning driving record, civil and criminal court records, credit, worker's compensation records, education, credentials, identity, past addresses, social security number, previous employment and personal references.

2. The report may also include reference checks from former employers, co-workers or references. Any past employment reference check is limited to job related information. These are known as an "investigative consumer report". This type of report is legally defined as a report based upon interviews that may contain information relating to my character, general reputation, personal characteristics or mode of living. You have the right to request additional disclosures of the nature and scope of the investigation and a statement of your rights. To receive this information or to inspect any files concerning such a report or to determine if a report on you has been requested, you may contact Howdy Honda at 512.443.4300, or at 5519. E. Ben White Blvd., Austin, TX 78741 or ScreeningOne, Inc., at 888.327.6511, or at 2233 W. 190th Street, Torrance, CA 90504.

3. In using a report for employment purposes, before taking any adverse action based in whole or in part on the report, the person intending to take such adverse action shall provide to the consumer to whom the report relates a copy of the report and a description in writing of the rights of the consumer under the title, as prescribed by the Federal Trade Commission section 609(c)(3).


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