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Hannah Ngo 07 Jun 2019
My update review: After I posted my negative review about the auto butler service that I had on May 6, 2019; Jeff, who is Parts and Services Director reached out to me and we had a discussion about my experiences. I want to say THANK YOU for listening to your customer, addressing the issues, and p...roviding solutions to go forward. That is what I like to see in big business like Howdy Honda. PLEASE make sure you guys provide quality services to your customer so we can trust you and continue supporting you!! I still have 8 more times to do the Auto Butler Service with you guys, PLEASE do not disappoint me, I will provide future feed backs after my next appointment. Original review: This review is for the auto butler service that Howdy Honda performed. When I bought my CR-V, I was told that I should purchase the auto butler because it protect the inside and the outside on its cosmetic. I paid almost $1200 for 10 times service. I have used this auto butler service about 5 times and let me tell you, it is not worth it! My husband dropped the car off for them to perform the service, and 2 or 3 hours later, when we picked up our car, it looks like all they did was give us a car wash for the exterior and a vacuum for the interior. No cleaning whatsoever!! I was so disappointed!! I still have about 5 more times to get this auto butler, but now I am not sure if it is worth my time to drive an hour to drop off our car, then paid $10 to loan their car for a few hours, then pick up our car to only notice that our car gets a wash and a vacuum ONLY! Where are all the promising of spot treatment cleaning on chair, spot cleaning cup tray, etc... all that they advertised at the initial purchase??? Maybe a 5 star when it comes to purchase a new car, but wait until they perform some kind of services on a vehicle... that is another story awaits to be unfold! Show more
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Raghav Kathuria 30 Jul 2018
My experience with Howdy Honda was overall pretty good. I worked with Diane and Rex and they bought knew quite a bit and were able to help me find the car that met my needs. My only problem was that after we agreed on the car that I was going to buy, the paperwork took quite a while (which is the with most dealers). Overall, I would highly recommend the dealer and the sales people I worked with! Show more
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mabel ford 11 Jun 2018
I went in for a quick oil change and initially was greeted with professionalism and courtesy from Darless. She was great. However when the advisor Anthony came to speak with me he was brash, rude and had an attitude for no reason. I ended up not going with his recommendations that he was scolding me... on because I didn’t want to work with someone like that. I’d recommend to have better customer service skills when you are asking people to fork out a good amount of money. Show more
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