Sell Your Car to Howdy Honda

If you're in the Austin and San Marcos area and have a vehicle you wish to sell, you can sell it to us at the dealership! Here at Howdy Honda, we will buy cars from drivers and give you a free car appraisal so you can either use it as a trade-in for an upgraded ride or get top value for your vehicle with us!

How Do I Find Out How Much My Car, Truck or SUV is Worth?

You can get started on the process of selling your car to our dealership and learning what your vehicle is worth using our free, no-obligation online tools. All you need to do is put in the pertinent details such as a VIN, make, model year, and mileage along with other features to the best of your abilities, and once you have all that information ready, you can submit and get your vehicle's estimated value. We use Kelley Blue Book so you know you're getting top value and can make your decision on selling your car to us here at Howdy Honda serving Austin and San Marcos.

From there, you can take that estimate and get in touch with our dealership. We can arrange a time to verify the status of your vehicle with an in-person car appraisal, which takes around 30 minutes to an hour. When we're done, we'll provide you with an offer that is within the Kelley Blue Book price range, and you can then make a decision to sell, trade in, or go in another direction. You are under no obligation to sell to us or buy from us, as this decision is all based on what you want to do!

How Does Vehicle Trade-In Work?

If you are looking to sell, and possibly want to purchase a new Honda or pre-owned option at the dealership, the trade-in route works. You can get your vehicle's trade-in value, and once we've given it an appraisal and a price we'll offer for it, you can apply the vehicle's cost toward the purchase of a car, truck, or SUV here. This is very common and allows those from Austin and San Marcos to save by knocking off a few car payments or having a sizeable down payment for their vehicle to get quality financing terms for their purchase or lease. We'll guide you through it all and go over the terms clearly so you can see how you can get a standout new Honda or used vehicle option for a quality price with the help of a trade-in.

What Are the Benefits of Selling My Car to a Dealership?

At Howdy Honda, we take the hassle out of selling your car on the marketplace. You won't have to make listings, field calls, messages, and offers that aren't serious from all different types of people. You can get an estimated range for what your vehicle costs using our online tools, come to the dealership, and get money for your vehicle. We'll handle the paperwork and title transfers so you don't have to do it through the DMV, and can have a smooth transaction from start to finish. These vehicles we buy from you also help us bolster our used vehicle lineup as well, so it's a win-win for both parties.

Learn More About Selling Your Car to Us

Here at Howdy Honda, we'd be happy to provide more details and information about selling your vehicle to us at the dealership. To get started, use our trade-in and sell your car form, and we can go from there and discuss how we buy cars at the dealership. Plus, if you're looking to sell and trade-in and want to see what we have in our inventory, you can even start the buying process online with us too! Contact us any time with questions or to get started.